Friday, May 24, 2013

"The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks and Romans were all our teachers, but who were our teachers’ teachers?"

Scripts from ancient North American rock art (NA). Egypt (E), China (C). Indus Valley (I) and Easter Island indicates a common origin.


Fortunately, after 5,000 years, there were prints still visible enough to read.
Language was the first clue. It was soon apparent that root words in almost every language had their origins in the Middle East. After the Great Flood, or long before?  Either way, all language Now on this planet leads back to this place, these peoples. And maybe, just maybe, one great culture, one great continent.

Written signs added to the evidence. A single system of signs used over an extensive area of the earth by the Stone-writers originated likewise in the Middle East.

Anthropology provided another helpful clue. The best reconstructions by anthropologists located man’s point of origin close to the center of the Europe-Asia-Africa land mass.

Archaeological finds clinched it. Agriculture had spread all over the world from, where else, but the Middle East highlands. In every instance plants, shrubs and fruit-bearing trees basic to survival and advancement came out of the Middle East first. Botanical genetic studies "confirm the archaeological finds and leave no doubt."

There it was. Our beginnings were in the Middle East highlands.